Easter is just around the corner and there is no better time than now to start your festivities with decorations, activities, and delicious foods! Since many of us are spending more time at home, The team from The Incredible Egg is on a mission to show you how you can still enjoy Easter without having to leave your home. They have created fun recipes, crafts, games, and educational activities that will keep you and your kids busy this Easter season. Follow along as we dive into their exciting recipes, tutorials, and ideas.

1. Use Fruits and Veggies to Decorate Eggs

Egg decorating is a fun activity many families enjoy together every year. If you don’t have food coloring on hand, don’t fret! The Incredible Egg will provide you step-by-step instructions on how to make natural food coloring using fruits and veggies you already have on hand! According to their tutorial, you can use fresh fruits and veggies such as beets, cranberries, or frozen raspberries to create the perfect pink-red color and you can use spinach to make green. The tutorial provides you with many other ideas to make other colors too. Once you’ve gathered your materials follow the tutorial to make your natural food coloring. And once you’ve prepped your desired colors, you and your kids can spend an afternoon having fun by decorating your eggs together!

https://www.incredibleegg.org/easter/egg-decorating/naturally-dyed-eggs/ PHOTO AND TUTORIAL HERE: THE INCREDIBLE EGG

2. Play Egg Roll In Your Backyard

When you’re ready for some fresh air, head to your backyard with your family in tow and encourage some friendly competition with a game of egg roll. To play the game you’ll need hard-boiled eggs and spoons. The player who can roll their hard-boiled egg down the lawn the fastest is the winner! But the catch is you can only use the spoon to roll the egg! Want to make it really competitive? Have a prize for the winner such as a week off chore duties, or extra dessert, or simply for gratification — your choice! Don’t know how to hard boil an egg? The Incredible Egg has provided easy step-by-step instructions with a video tutorial included. View that HERE.

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3. Bake Festive Treats

Considering you’re spending more time at home, now is the perfect time to dive into your baking skills and bake a festive treat for Easter! The Incredible Egg has created a fun Easter Bunny Cupcake recipe using pantry staples you already have on hand. The recipe provides you with step-by-step instructions to make the cupcakes as well as how to decorate the little bunnies! You and your family will surely have fun with this recipe! Want to make more Easter treats? Check out these fun and cool Easter snack ideas for kids!

https://www.incredibleegg.org/recipe/bunny-cupcakes/ PHOTO AND RECIPE HERE: THE INCREDIBLE EGG

4. Bake Traditional Hot Cross Buns

Enjoying hot cross buns on Good Friday is a tradition in many homes so this year try making them from scratch with the recipe from The Incredible Egg! These soft buttery buns are made from pantry staples such as flour, sugar, instant yeast, and a few fragrant seasonings. Compile the ingredients and then follow the thorough instructions from the recipe. Once you try these you’ll never want to buy store-bought buns again!

https://www.incredibleegg.org/recipe/hot-cross-buns/ PHOTO AND RECIPE HERE: THE INCREDIBLE EGG

5. Create Confetti Eggs

Hallowed eggs filled with valuables, also known as Cascarones date back to 13th century China! The Incredible Egg has created a tutorial so you and your family can make your own Cascarones at home using fresh eggs, and supplies from your craft closet! As a bonus, the tutorial is also equipped with a quick 50-second video explaining the history of the eggs. Watch the video as a family and then get crafting!

https://www.incredibleegg.org/easter/egg-decorating/cascarones/ PHOTO AND TUTORIAL HERE: THE INCREDIBLE EGG

6. Take an Educational Field Trip From Home

While outdoor field trips are temporarily off the table, The Incredible Egg is bringing the field trip to your home! Gather your family and watch the educational videos from America’s egg farmers. These videos are suited for all ages and give you insight into how your eggs go from farm to table! Check out the full video lineup here. In addition to the videos, The Incredible Egg also has free downloadable coloring pages that you can give to your kids to keep them busy. Finally, if your family enjoys games, you can download the free printable Memory Game! Thanks to the team at The Incredible Egg, there endless ways to make Easter fun, exciting, and educational for everyone.

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