The holiday celebrations aren’t over! Domino’s is helping you celebrate two fun (and delicious) unofficial food holidays! In honor of National Cheese Lover’s Day (Jan 20, 2020) and National Pie Day (Jan 23, 2020), Domino’s is offering a special deal for this week only. From now through January 26, 2020, you can score yourself a large two-topping carryout pizza for just $5.99.

Domino’s guests can choose any two toppings of their choice, so go ahead and order that extra cheese, or double up on the pepperoni or sausage or whatever your heart desires! You can order this special carryout deal by phone, in-store, at, or through the Domino’s mobile app.

“While some of the better-known holidays are over, celebrating fun unofficial holidays continues,” said Jenny Fouracre, Domino’s spokesperson. “We want cheese lover’s deal seekers, and all pizza pie fanatics to celebrate with our $5.99 large carryout pizzas.”

Source: Domino’s Pizza

Domino’s has other special offers on right now including a Mix and Match deal. You can choose any two or more menu items for just $5.99 each. However, it’s worth noting that you must order a minimum of two menu items, and Handmade Pan Pizzas, Bread Bowl Pasta, and Bone-In wings will cost you extra. You can also score the Perfect Combo Deal for just $19.99 which features pizza, a drink, and dessert. Although it’s important to note, just like the Mix and Match deal if you’re craving a Handmade Pan Pizza, it will cost you extra. To learn more about the current promotions read HERE.

Source: Domino’s

Clarissa Vanner

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