Looking to turn up the heat this Valentine’s Day? Peeps is making your dreams come true by launching Hot Tamales-flavored Peeps just in time for the iconic Love Holiday. Buyers beware. While the little chicks do look sweet and innocent they are quite spicy! The new Peeps feature a bold crimson red color and are flavored with the iconic spicy cinnamon flavor of Hot Tamales candies with the addition of the sweet Peeps marshmallow flavor. Want to try them? For now, the limited-edition Peeps can only be found at Kroger store chains and have a suggested retail price of $3 which gets you 2 boxes of 10 marshmallows.


If you don’t love spicy foods don’t fret! The Peeps brand has other ways you can enjoy tasty (and festive) marshmallows this Valentine’s Day.

Marshmallow Hearts

Say “I love you” with a box of these fluffy and sweet marshmallow heart-shaped Peeps. Enjoy them as they are or add them to edible crafts and other treats to make your Valentine’s Day a little more special. You can buy them online or search for a store near you using their store locater HERE.

Peeps Vanilla Creme Marshmallow

Show more love with these mini heart-shaped Peeps marshmallows. These hearts feature warm vanilla creme flavors and will seriously melt in your mouth!

Peeps Strawberry Creme Marshmallow Hearts

These Peeps feature the same mini heart shapes but instead of vanilla creme, these marshmallows are flavored with sweet strawberry! There’s no better way to say “Be Mine” than with a pack of these heart-shaped Peeps! View the full list of Peeps you can enjoy this Valentine’s Day HERE.

Clarissa Vanner

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