Food is a common language across the world. We may not be able to speak the same words, have the same traditions or live the same culture, but we are ALL connected by food. It’s a necessity of life, of course, but more-so it’s a place of creativity, taste, wonder, adventure, flavor, tradition and nature. So it’s no wonder so many of us love to scroll through our social media pages admiring and being inspired by some of the world’s best food photos. In more recent years, the best place for that – is Instagram. A place you can scroll image after image, some worthy of that double-tap of approval. Personally, I love to see what my friends are cooking, what restaurants are creating, what food trends and drool-inducing images I can fill my feed with. Some foodgrams are halfway across the world, being enjoyed by a travelling friend. Some are by a top chef working his way through a admired restaurant kitchen. Sometimes, it’s my sister – making food from her hobby farm crops and eggs. It’s all connecting, bringing you together with a common love. If you’re looking to stay inspired and feel that connection with that never-ending love for food, here are some Instagram accounts who’s foodgrams you’re going to want to be paying attention to. If nothing else for the sheer beauty of it.

1. DennisThePrescott

I actually had the pleasure of meeting this man after being a long-time follower and fan of his. Dennis The Prescott, is passionate about food. Even more so, staging it so that it transcends from food to eye. It’s a well-thought out process from the placement of a cherry tomato, to a garnish of cilantro. It’s all there. While completely inspiring for what you might fancy for dinner, more-so he will stun you with his artistry in food photography.

2. TheFeedFeed

The Feed Feed is a collection of recipes and images from the Instagram community. Curated by Julie Resnick, it’s connected to a cooking website that’s as they say “fueled” by these very images. What’s great about The Feed Feed (and it’s branch offs, including baking, vegan, gluten-free collections and more) is that it opens you up to finding more Instagrammers to follow! There is a lot of hidden talent out there, and The Feed Feed is bringing a lot of it, to light.


3. TheEdgyVeg

The Edgy Veg is relatively new to Instagram, but she’s not new at all. Founder Candice is a bit of a breakout YouTube sensation, and my gut says – she’s going places. She’s refreshing, hilarious, and comes up with some killer vegan recipes. So far in 2017, veganism has grown substantially stemming from several documentaries and more recipes to inspire in the plant-based movement. While the word “vegan” often comes with negative judgmental connotations, you won’t find that with The Edgy Veg. You’ll just find crazy awesome recipes, videos and hilarity…including vegan bacon.


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4. Inspiralized

Spiralizers are becoming a staple item in the kitchen with the uprising of plant-based diets, cutting grains, carbs, gluten – and generally trying to eat more, for less calories. Spiralizers are just that essential tool to take a vegetable, and make it a noodle. Mind trickery to make vegetables pose as pasta, maybe, but also incredibly delicious and an easy healthy swap. Inspiralized quite genuinely inspires you to spiralize. That was a well thought out Instagram handle.


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5. FeedMyPhone

Toronto-based Patrick, takes you along inside his phone, hence the Feed My Phone name, while he tries out the latest – helping you find the next great place to try. He travels around, enticing you into new areas and places to wine and dine, or if nothing else – just to live vicariously through them.


6. NutritionStripped

McKel Hill is a registered dietician who is on a mission to make people excited and happy – about health food with Nutrition Stripped. As she states “nutrition is my jam”. For her followers, you’ll be in for some great recipes, tips, and a feed full of gorgeously styled health food.


7. BrunchBoys

BrunchBoys is a food journal of full-time foodie, Jeremy, who takes us through the streets of NYC with him, and finding some wild food as he goes. It’s the epitome of New York’s gluttony and food creativity. Whether planning a trip, or admiring from afar, you’ll just want to be a part of his journey.


8. OhSheGlows

Angela Liddon of Oh She Glows may be the breakout foodie star of the last couple years. From blogger, to social media, to hit cookbooks, she’s a complete package. Specializing in plant-based (vegan) recipes, most of which are limited or without soy, gluten or processed foods, she’s turning heads and changing minds around the subject of vegan food.


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9. FitMenCook

If you need some meal-prepping inspo – Kevin of FitMenCook is your guy. While seeking a fitness heavy lifestyle and meals to support that, he shares his creations, and meal plans with recipes and videos to keep you following along and staying inspired. With over a million followers, he’s doing a LOT right.


10. MinimalistBaker

Dana of MinimalistBaker has a clear goal – get people baking with under 10 ingredients, under 30 minutes time and in one-pot, as much as possible. Her recipes are typically plant-based and gluten free, which keeps her on top of the trends. If you’re just in for the drool-worthy food photos, well…she’s got that covered, too.


Sarah Nicole

Since successfully losing 100lbs by changing her relationship with food and her body, Sarah has taken her passion for food and balanced it between cucumbers and cupcakes. When she's not bustling her way around a kitchen, you can find her working out or winding down at home with her 3 kids and pug. Follow Sarah's journey on Instagram @TheBirdsPapaya.

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