Here at the Half Hour Meals headquarters, we try to eat healthy. We really, really try. Sometimes these National Food Days are too much though, and we give in to our unhealthy cravings. Today is National French Fry day! We gave in to our darker desires and bought all the fast food french fries we could. As we were stuffing our faces we thought it would be a great day to rank our top 5 fast food fries. There might be some surprises on this list! Leave a comment and let us know what you would have picked for #1.

5. Burger King. We hear our brothers down in the United States have great Burger Kings. Here what we get is inconsistent though. Sometimes their fries are great and crispy, but other times they’re sad and limp with oil.

4. Wendy’s. They recently remixed their cooking techniques for their fries. Now they’re cooked with the skin on and sprinkled with sea salt. As real as they are, they are sometimes still served under cooked. Honestly, crispy fries are the most important thing here!

3. New York Fries. Not everyone has the pleasure of having a New York Fries near them. This boutique fast food joint only makes fries- which guarantees their great quality. This is what Wendy’s fries should be.

2. McDonalds. This is the holy grail of fry heaven. These fries are full of salty goodness. Their thin, long shape is perfect for snacking. Make a cheap Big Mac by stacking fries in your $2 cheeseburger and asking it to be dressed like a Big Mac. Fries are surprisingly better than the bready center of the classic Big Mac.

1. Arby’s. If you’ve never had Arby’s curly fries you’re probably wondering what could possibly beat McDonalds. These fries are heavily seasoned with garlic paprika spice and come curled and springy. Nothing beats the texture and taste of these beauties.

Angela Nightingale

If you want to know the best cupcake shop in any major city in America, just ask Angela. This girl knows her sweets, and she isn't shy about letting you know that your german chocolate cake needs more chocolate. If you want to find Angela on any given day, she's probably looking up reviews to decide where to grab lunch, or in her downtime, binge-watching the latest 'it-series' on Netflix.

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