It’s time to put your lazy susan to work! This simple organization tool can do a lot of heavy lifting on your house, providing some much-needed organization in an oh-so-pretty way. So today, we’re covering unique ways to use a Lazy Susan in your kitchen that you may have not thought of before. Let’s get organizing!

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1. Granola Bar Station

This snack hack is a great way to organize your kitchen if you’re always on the go or if you have kids who are constantly snacking. It’s also great for an office or breakroom to keep snacks organized and easily keep track of how many you have left!

2. Fridge Snack Station

This super fun hack will help organize your fridge and create a simple snack station, whether you need it to stop your kids from yelling at you about being hungry (for the millionth time!) or simply want to make lunch-making easier. This is a great DIY way to organize your fridge if you feel like you’re always packing a lunch or preparing a snack for your kiddo!

3. Condiments

We’ve got a super practical hack for you to help organize your fridge and tidy up the condiment section. This is the perfect DIY way to organize your fridge if you feel like you’re always making a sandwich, grilled cheese, or grilling! The caddy can easily be pulled from the fridge and moved to a table or patio set when it’s time for dinner, rather than trying to carry out an armload of stuff.

4. Pantry Items

This hack will help organize your pantry and tidy up the cans, jars, and cartons you’ve got spilling out of the cabinet. This is a great DIY way to organize if your pantry has become cluttered and you’re always digging around for that can of beans that you know is in there somewhere!

5. Hot Beverage Station

Check out this super cute hack to help organize your coffee, tea, and other hot bevvys and create a simple beverage station, whether you want to store it out of the way in your cupboard or proudly displayed on the countertop. It’ll make things easier when you’re half asleep in the morning, hosting people, or just be a cute coffee station in your home!


6. Countertop Essentials

This practical hack will put all of your frequently used countertop essentials, from oils to salt and pepper, in one pretty, well-organized space. It’ll make cooking a breeze!

7. Spices

This super practical hack will organize your spice cabinet and tidy up the bags, jars, and other mismatched spices. Perfect if you’ve recently found yourself digging around for the long-forgotten strange-spice-you-never-use that you suddenly actually need! Yes, I am referring to myself.

8. Cleaning Supplies

We’ve got a super handy hack for you to help you organize your under-the-sink cupboard or wherever you store your cleaning supplies! This is a great way to organize your kitchen (or bathroom, if that’s where you store them!) on the cheap and contain the mess that cleaning supplies somehow tend to make.

9. Tupperware

Want some help organizing your Tupperware cupboard or drawer? Wherever it is, it’s probably a hot mess. This is a great hack to organize your kitchen on the cheap, contain the explosive mess of plastic containers, and help your kids know where to put things.


10. Medication and Supplements

Organize your medications, supplements, and vitamins, whether you store them in your kitchen cupboard (like me!) or in a hallway closet using this lazy susan hack! This is a great way to organize your kitchen on the cheap and contain the mess that all the bottles, tubes, and little boxes tend to make.

11. Fruit Basket

This is a simple way to organize your kitchen if you’re always grabbing a healthy snack on your way out the door or if you have kids who are constantly snacking. It’s also great for an office or breakroom to keep snacks organized and the fruit out and continuing to ripen in lieu of a typical fruit basket.

12. Cutlery Caddy

Use a lazy susan to organize your cutlery for patio and barbeque season or for when you’re having a casual get together or party. This is a great DIY way to organize your cupboards if you host frequently or even if you and your family just each outside a lot! Plus, you can get creative with it!

13. Baking Essentials

This super simple hack will help you tidy up the mismatch of jars, containers, and bags of baking supplies in your pantry. This is a great DIY way to deal with the clutter and will help simplify the baking process by keeping the essentials very accessible. It’s perfect if you (or someone else in the house) are an avid baker!


14. Baby & Toddler Foods

We’ve got a super practical lazy susan hack to help organize your pantry or cupboard and create a baby and toddler food station, whether it’s to simplify things for your babysitter or yourself!

15. Pet Caddy

Organize your kitchen using this simple lazy susan hack if you’ve treats, supplements, chews, or medications for your cat or dog that you need accessible. While you’re at it, do you know What Foods You Should Never Feed Your Dog?

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