With lactose allergies and vegan diets on the rise, more restaurants are adding innovative products to cater to their customer’s needs, wants, and wishes! Dairy Queen is the next chain to add a non-dairy treat to their menu and get ready, this is a treat that you need to try this summer! The new Non-Dairy Dilly Bar is officially on the menu in participating DQ locations nationwide!

The Non-Dairy Dilly Bar lives up to the classic bar you have come to know and love but this time its made with coconut cream instead of dairy. It’s then covered in a deliciously crunchy, chocolatey coating. Not only is this new treat vegan-friendly but it’s gluten-free too! Fans can order a single-serve or a multipack which features 6 Non-Dairy Dilly Bars per box!

Source: Dairy Queen

The New Non-Dairy bars aren’t the only delicious and innovative treat you can try this summer! Follow along as we unveil DQ’s crave-worthy Treat Collection.

Cotton Candy Dipped Cone

ICYMI: Dairy Queen launched a Cotton Candy Dipped Cone nationwide. The new dipped cone features DQ’s iconic soft serve and is coated in a sweet, pastel blue Cotton Candy coating.

Source: Dairy Queen

Lemonade Twisty Misty Slush

If you’re looking for a refreshing treat try DQ’s Lemonade Twisty Misty Slush! This tasty beverage features sweet flavors of blue raspberry and tangy lemon-lime!

Source: Dairy Queen

Dipped Strawberry Cake Cupfection

Enjoy DQ’s famous soft serve fully loaded with layers of vanilla cake, strawberries, and a crunchy chocolate coating — what’s not to like?

Source: Dairy Queen

Tiramisu Cake Shake

The Tiramisu Cake Shake features DQ’s soft serve blended with vanilla cake and coffee and is served with a dash of cocoa powder.

Fans can order their DQ treats through the drive-thru, for takeout or delivery. Although, some in-restaurant and outdoor dining options are beginning to open in some states. Be sure to call your local DQ for more details.

Source: Dairy Queen

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