Yogurt is an amazing versatile snack. It can be enjoyed on the go, combined with granola or fresh fruit, and it comes in different flavors and varieties which means there really is something for everyone! This summer, Yoplait is adding a few new and exciting products to the market that you don’t want to miss! From Gusher fruit snack-flavored yogurt to Gogurt Slushies, dairy-free options and more! Follow along as we unveil everything there is know!

New Yoplait Gushers

Yoplait just partnered with Gushers to unveil the first of it’s kind to the yogurt aisle! The new Yoplait Gushers features the creamy-style Yoplait yogurt you have come to know and love but now it’s combined with “bubble beads” that taste like Gusher’s iconic fruit-flavored snack!

The new yogurt will be available in three crave-worthy flavors including Red Tropical Punch, Blue Raspberry, and Green Apple. Better yet, the yogurt is a great source of calcium making it a great snack for the whole family! Be sure to mark your calendars because the new Yoplait Gushers isn’t out yet but will be making it’s grand debut in major retailers nationwide starting August 2020!

Source: Yoplait

New Yoplait Gogurt Slushie

Yoplait’s Gogurt makes the perfect on-the-go snack because the yogurt is served in a convenient tube — no spoon required! This summer you can enjoy the iconic fizzing texture you love about slushies combined with creamy yogurt! The Yoplait Gogurt Slushie is available in two classic slushie flavors including Blue Raspberry and Cherry and will hit the yogurt aisles nationwide starting August 2020!

Source: Yoplait

New Yoplait Gogurt Dairy-Free

With plant-based diets and dairy allergies on the rise, more companies are entering the dairy-free market! Yoplait just announced that they are launching a new Yoplait Gogurt Dairy-Free product! The yogurt is made with a coconut dairy alternative and features Yoplait’s iconic strawberry flavor. Not only is it vegan compliant but it’s gluten-free, soy-free, and contains 10% daily value of calcium per tube! Since it comes in Yoplait’s convenient Gogurt tubes, you can take this snack with you anywhere you go! Just like the other products, this offering will be available starting in August 2020.

Source: Yoplait

New Oui Coffee Flavor by Yoplait

If you love all things coffee you are going to love the new Oui coffee-flavored yogurt! This delicious treat features a luxuriously thick texture and a subtly sweet coffee flavor. You may also enjoy knowing that its made with simple non-GMO ingredients like whole milk and pure cane sugar!

The brand is also launching an Oui Dairy-Free lineup that is now made with a creamy coconut base! The line will launch later this summer and will feature four delicious flavors including mango, vanilla, raspberry, and strawberry!

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