Autumn is the richest time of year for fresh produce. There are the last harvests of summer crops, and the start of the hearty winter vegetables. We came up with a list of 18 fruit and vegetables that you can find in in the market from September to December. These products are rich in vitamins and nutrients. We will go through each vegetable and give our recommendation to how to cook them. Enjoy these products while they’re here!

Beets: Beets might come with their leaves off as the weather gets colder. They can last for months in a cold dark area of the house. Baked beets really bring out their sweetness. Wrap them in foil with salt and pepper and bake at 400 degrees for 40 minutes or until tender.
Chestnuts: These little shelled nuts are delicious on their own or in recipes. Boil or roast them first to bring out their flavor. If you roast them, be careful of exploding nuts. Cutting a small hole will prevent this surprise.
Parsnips: Don’t be afraid of this old fashioned vegetable. There is a lovely nuttiness that can be delicious. Roast them in a hot oven to really bring out the flavor.
Pears: Pears are a unique fruit that can go from sweet to savory applications. They last for months in the refrigerator. Try poaching your pears in red wine for a very special dessert.
Butternut Squash: This is the king of squash. The texture and taste are fantastic. Go classic with mashed squash and a sweet sugary topping. They are also brilliant with a savory kick. Serve it with pasta sauce for a healthy, vegetarian meal.
Leeks: These giant green onion-looking plants are packed with flavor. The green parts are very woody, so save that part for making stocks.  Saute the white parts with butter until tender and then add it to any recipe that calls for onion.
Garlic: This pungent health food is delicious in many recipes. For a special result, cut the garlic in half horizontally. Drizzle with olive oil and salt and bake for 30 minutes in a 400 degree oven. The result is a sweet, mild garlic that could go right on some bread.
Turnips: Anyone who says turnips are tasteless just haven’t prepared them right. This vegetable makes a beautiful mash. Add plenty of butter and salt to bring the natural sweetness out.
Kale: This bitter green is one of the healthiest vegetables known. Cut down on the bitterness by cooking it with salt. Cut the leaves in pieces and massage it with oil and salt. Broil it in the oven to make kale chips. Kale is also great in any soup, so add this power food to your next chicken noodle soup.
Carrots: There are many different colors of carrots to surprise your guests. Find the rainbow varieties at your market. Bring out the color by making a cold carrot salad. Grate the sides to make strips of the vegetable and toss with a sweet salad dressing.
Cauliflower: This simple vegetable is really versatile in the kitchen. Make cauliflower rice or mash it for a healthy potato substitute. We like it best roasted. Chop it into bite sized pieces and toss with oil and spices. Roast it until browned. This really brings out the sweetness and nuttiness of the cauliflower.
Potato: This food staple has many different uses. A favorite recipe of ours is a Spanish omelette with onion, peppers and potato. The egg dish is good cold or hot, and try it in a sandwich!
Artichoke: Don’t be scared of this spiky flower. It’s a great appetizer dish and it has a special effect- some people find their tastebuds change after they eat them. Everything turns sweet, even water. To prepare, use scissors and cut back the woody leaves. Steam for 20 minutes or longer until the center is tender. Eat them by pulling back the leaves and dipping into a butter sauce. Scrap your teeth along the leaves to take off the tender flesh.
Pumpkin: This Halloween staple has more uses than just pies and decoration. Use it in the place of squash for a pumpkin kick to any recipe. This vegetable has a lot of water in the flesh, so roast it in half and drain the meat to use.
Cabbage: This salad vegetable has more use than just cabbage rolls and soup. A brilliant way of cooking it is to cut 1/2 inch slices through the entire ball. Drizzle with olive oil and salt and pepper. Roast until the top browns. Enjoy it beside any meat dish.
Apples: This simple fruit has many different applications. For a healthy kid friendly snack, make apple “nachos”. Cut the apple into thin pieces and microwave peanut butter with a dash of cinnamon. While the peanut butter is hot, drizzle the apples with it. Top with walnuts and dried fruit.
Onion: This simple root vegetable is a staple to many recipes. If your fresh onion is too strong, soak the cut pieces in water with a pinch of salt. That will take the bite out of the onion. If it’s making you cry, try tossing the onion in the freezer an hour before you go to cut it.
Brussles Sprouts: This is the dreaded dish for kids. They can be a bit bitter, which is why children tend to avoid them. To make them kid friendly, buy them after the first frost. This takes some of the sharpness out of the little cabbages. Roasting them also brings out more of their natural sweetness.
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