Christmas is a great chance to spend time with family and friends. Choosing gifts to give your loved ones can be hard. It could be that your budget is strict this year, or maybe they are really difficult to shop for. We love the idea of giving edible gifts. Giving gourmet Christmas jars filled with yummy things is a great chance to show off your culinary abilities. You family will love getting homemade goodies and your wallet will take a break. Giving gifts in jars is a beautiful and inexpensive way to package your gift.

We collected 9 amazing and unique Christmas recipes in jars. Will you be giving edible gifts this year?

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9. Cookie Mix In a Jar

This is a great gift to give from children. They will love helping make this beautifully layered jar. You can use any dry mix. Cookies work great, and brownie do too. Remember to include a tag for instructions on the wet ingredients and how to bake.

[Source: I Craft Daily]

8. Infused Olive Oils

These flavored oils are a great gift for the cooks in your family. You can use almost any spice or flavoring to make these oils. Some fun options are sun dried tomato, thyme, cayenne, and tarragon. To be safe, tell your recipient to keep the oil refrigerated.

[Source: Just Putzing]

7. Cupcake Jars

These adorable cupcakes are packed in layers in glass jars. You can bake the batter directly in the jars if they are heat-safe canning jars. This recipe calls for you to make a whole pan of cake and then stuff the jars. Top with fluffy icing and watch your recipients face light up with this gift.

[Source: Good To Know]

6. Homemade Sriracha

There’s something so addictive about the famous rooster sauce. Buying the peppers and garlic yourself can be expensive, and the store bought bottles of the hot sauce end up being cheaper. This is a gift of love- love of family and love of spicy! It takes a week+ for fermentation, so don’t start this on Christmas eve.

[Source: Reclaiming Provincial]

5. Fruit Infused Vodka

If you’re making a gift for an adult who loves trying new cocktails, then this would be the perfect gift. You can infuse vodka with almost any flavor. A classic one is skittles, but this recipe uses fresh fruit. Make Christmas vodka by using mulling spices and fresh apples.

[Source: A Healthy Life For Me]


4. Sugar Spiced Nuts

Candied nuts and pralines are a great Christmas gift. Nuts can be expensive to buy, so try and find them at bulk supply stores. This recipe uses a spicy and sweet blend of flavors. Make sure the nuts are totally cooled and dried before storing them in your jars.

[Source: Lauryn Galloway Photography]

3. Homemade Nutella

It’s hard to think of something more delicious than Nutella. It’s not a healthy recipe (high in fat), but must better for you when compared to store bought varieties. This recipe uses minimal amounts of sugar to make a fantastic tasting product. It’s a luxurious gift and a real treat to eat!

[Source: My Own Labels]

2. S’Mores Cake In A Jar

These cakes are a delicious gift. They have a graham cracker crust and a rich chocolate cake middle. They’re topped with marshmallow that are flamed under the broiler. Bake these within a day of giving them as gifts for best results.

[Source: Seven Clown Circus]

1. Salted Caramel Sauce

For this Christmas gift, you want to serve them in small jars. This rich caramel sauce is packed with flavor and a little goes a long way. To give these as a gift, pack a bag with apples to serve with the caramel sauce. Apples slices dipped into this sauce is such a simple and delicious treat.

[Source: Recipe Girl]

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