In 2011, there were an estimated 1,596,670 new cancer cases in the US ( This disease is becoming an increasing concern for many individuals and has led many to take action when it comes to their health. A few small changes to your diet can have a significant impact on your overall health and can help decrease your likeliness of contracting this deadly disease.

The best foods for fighting cancer are those rich in antioxidants. Many of us consume foods high in antioxidants every day without even knowing it. Being aware of which foods offer high levels of antioxidants will help to ensure you’re doing the best  you can to avoid this deadly disease.

Below is a list of 30 of the best antioxidant-rich foods, broken down by food group:


1. Blueberries2. Raspberries

3. Apples

(red delicious, granny smith or gala)

4. Blueberries

5. Blackberries

6. Strawberries

7. Red Grapes


8. Small Red Beans9. Black Beans10. Pinto Beans11. Kidney Beans


12. Spinach13. Kale14. Green Leafy Lettuce15. Artichokes

16. Asparagus

17. Cooked Yellow Onions

18. Red Potatoes

19. Cooked Red Cabbage

20. Cooked Broccoli

21.. Cooked Tomatoes

22. Red Peppers

Breads and Grains:

23. Hulled Barley24. Brown / Wild Rice25. Buckwheat26. Quinoa

27. Oats

28. Whole Wheat Bread / Pasta

Desserts / Drinks:

29. Dark Chocolate30. Green / Black Tea
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